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About us

On April 26, 2015 a group of about 300 people were planted in the {Monumento a la Madre} Monument to the Mother in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with the general goal of protesting against impunity and illegal re-election.

The group of {'300 con Dignidad'} 300 with Dignity says no to re-election, especially when it is validated by violation of the Constitution of the Republic, and we ask for reforms to the Electoral Law and the internal regulations of the National Congress, among other things.

For us, the end does not justify the means. We accept pragmatic measures, yes, and only if they are not confronted with morality and ethics. We are strong defenders of the institutionality, of the republic with the separation of powers, and of democracy. We reject any form of electoral populism, and we are against dictatorial regimes. We believe that in a true democracy, the common citizen should be empowered to express their concerns and claim their rights. We are enemies of secrecy and lack of transparency in state affairs.

Those of us who are part of the group think that ideological clashes between right and left have become anachronistic since 1989. We are convinced that people evolve and present different needs, according to time and circumstance, and prefer to focus on the current problems that afflict Honduras: low productivity and high levels of corruption.

We believe that there is a strong interrelation (in both directions) between the levels of productivity of a nation and a sensible policy. We do not owe to the whims of any particular group and try to keep ourselves independent of any harmful influence. Despite the ideological plurality and flexibility of thinking of the members of the group, there is something that is non-negotiable for us: we categorically reject any form of corruption, or any behavior or procedure that lacks ethical standards of righteousness. We believe that in order to protest corruption we must start by working on our own integrity.

We classify ourselves as a purely social movement, destined to exert pressure so that the bureaucrats get in the just way, so that they do not lose the intended course. As we do so from outside the power centers, only with citizen tools, we do not consider ourselves a political movement although we are clear that the human being is a political animal and that there is no social action that is completely divorced from politics.

In this sense, we join other groups with the same ideals, which are now framed within the movement of the indignant, in which all citizens, especially the middle class, has turned to the streets to protest the abuses of the government. At the same time, we are strong critics of political opportunism and we reject the use of citizen movements for selfish personal ends.

The {'300 con Dignidad'} 300 with Dignity dream of a country free of corruption, with transparent institutions, where the bureaucrats live off their salary, well-earned but not excessive, and do not get rich with public money. We visualize a country that is strictly governed by the rule of law and not by fines, or personal relations. We imagine a Honduras in which all those billions of Lempiras that are currently squandered in maintaining corruption and in state propaganda are used in infrastructure and education. 

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